So where have I been?

Hello again! To allow you to know me further, I will use this post to point out where in the world I have been so far. I’ll list the countries and slot some photos into the list. So without further ado…

USADIGITAL CAMERAThis trip to Eastern USA was in 2010, hence why I look young and even more ‘touristy’!


DIGITAL CAMERAI visited the cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal on the same trip in 2010.

Czech Republic

prague- czech republic 2008 (38).JPG I visited the fantastic city of Prague in 2008 and it’s number one on my re-visit list.


Italy is my number one favourite country to visit. It has it all: beauty (both natural and architectural), history, cuisine. The list of things to love about Italy can go on and on. The photo below shows me besides Lake Como, which I visited in 2013. I have also been to Milan, Venice, Pisa, Naples and Messina (Sicily) in Italy.DIGITAL CAMERACroatia

Croatia is one of those destinations which has really emerged as a tourist / traveller destination in the last few years, after recovering from the Balkan Wars. I was lucky enough to visit the town of Rovinj in 2011. (Another pic of me in full tourist mode)


If there were to be a country to topple Italy as my favourite country to visit, it would be Austria. The country offers stunning scenery all year-round, whether it be the green meadows spreading beneath snow-capped peaks in the Spring and Summer, or under the thick Winter’s snow. I first visited the country in the Spring of 2010 and again in the Winter of 2016. The below picture is of the latter.img_0064Russia

Russia is a country I’ve always wanted to visit since studying the nation’s turbulent history at college. I visited St Petersburg in June 2016.


When thinking of a country or a city for your next rip, Tallinn might not be the first place to come to mind… but it should be! I visited Estonia’s capital in June 2016 and it was the biggest surprise of the trip. Its Old Town is steeped in history and has retained its medieval quality. Everything is in walking distance and ambling along the streets is the most pleasurable way to explore the city.

img_1816United Arab Emirates, Dubai

The ostentatious glamour and wealth of this place speaks for itself

dsc01349United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

Dubai and the capital emirate, Abu Dhabi, are only a 1 and a half hour drive apart from one another, yet they feel so different. Where the commercial Dubai is going out of its way to cater for foreign visitors, Abu Dhabi (which does not need the visitors’ money) does away with the ‘flashy’ commercialism. The picture below shows me outside of the Etihad Towers.


I’ve visited France on multiple occasions now. The most recent was a trip with my former university to Paris. The pic below (taken with my old and pretty useless camera) shows me beneath the Sacre Coeur.


In November 2016 I visited the city of Krakow with friends. The main purpose of the visit was to go to the Auschwitz concentration camp (I intend to post on this experience) after reading Primo Levi’s account of being a prisoner there as part of our university course. The city itself is a beautifully medieval old town which can be explored on foot.



My most recent trip, at the time of writing, was to Hungary’s capital, Budapest. Like Krakow and Prague, the city has established itself as a popular city break destination.

dsc03252 The other countries I have visited, for which I have not posted pictures, are:











This post was intended to give you a flavour of where I have been. If it feels at all vague, it was meant to, despite that sounding strange! I will make posts detailing these places in due time.

Again, thank you for reading and stay tuned!



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