A Stroll Through Medieval Tallinn

If you asked people to name their ideal city for a few days' visit, I doubt that many people would say Tallinn... but they should! While people are obsessing over Paris, Rome and Barcelona, they are missing out on one of Europe's best preserved Medieval cities. While the Estonian capital may not stand alongside Rome …

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TOP TRAVEL TIP: Middle-Eastern Souks: How to get the Most From Your Visit

The experience of wandering a Middle-Eastern souk was a long time on my bucket list. These ancient places of commerce belong to a culture so different and so distant from my own, the colours of the silks and jewels, the drifting incense of spice mixed with perfume and the calls of the sellers so tenacious is grabbing …

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Off-Piste in Zell Am See, Austria.

Trudging through deep snow in the darkness of an Austrian winter's night, all I had was the meagre light from my phone to shine through the trees in a futile effort to find my run-away toboggan. In a moment of defiance, it had decided to mutiny against me, throwing me from its back and darting …

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Photobombed by a mermaid

The Little Mermaid statue in Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen, is one of the world's iconic statues. Most visitors would not go to New York and miss out of a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. Equally, everyone who stops by in Copenhagen finds themselves visiting the resident mermaid. The statue was ordered by Carl Jacobsen …

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Standing above the world in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa emerges from behind the skyscrapers of the Sheikh Zayed Road With a total height of 2,722 feet, it's hard to take a photo in Dubai without the imposing presence of the Burj Khalifa somewhere in the shot. After all, it is the world's tallest building. When visiting Dubai, most visitors, including myself, …

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So where have I been?

Hello again! To allow you to know me further, I will use this post to point out where in the world I have been so far. I'll list the countries and slot some photos into the list. So without further ado... USAThis trip to Eastern USA was in 2010, hence why I look young and even …

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My First Post! Why have I started a travel blog?

So this is my first post! I thought that I'd outline why I have chosen to start this blog. The short answer is, why not? For a while now, I have followed some amazing travel blogs which have not only opened my eyes to some of the world's most beautiful and cultural places which I'd …

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