I’m back!

Hello everyone, I’m back!

As you may remember from a couple of weeks ago, I teased you with the fact that I was off on a new trip, this time smacking a huge tick on the bucket list.

Without further ado, I reveal that I ventured into the land of Pharaohs and Pyramids…

DSC03522 (2)

For weeks before I left, I was met with many blank expressions and gasps of disbelief when I told people I was going to Egypt. Judging by the look on many faces, you’d think that I’d just told them I was parachuting into Syria with a target painted on my back. ‘Why are you going there… is it safe?’

The whole time I was in Egypt, at not one moment did I feel unsafe or threatened. I was thinking up all the things I’d tell you guys here on the blog and my friends and family back home. Then on the day I left Egypt, the so-called Islamic State attacked two churches, one in northern Cairo and one in Alexandria, killing 44 people and injuring many.

I was devastated when I heard this news. How could I convince people that Egypt was getting back on its feet, that it is a safe and welcoming country for its visitors. Egypt once hosted 20 million annual visitors. That slumped to one million and in the last 12 months, managed to rise to two million. I hope that recent events do not damage the country’s attempt at resurgence.

The infrastructure, the guides, the restaurants, the people trying to make a living by selling to tourists, they need people to visit their fantastic country. They are ready to welcome people and show them Egyptian hospitality.

The recent attack was not aimed at tourists, it was religious-based. While I was in Egypt, St Petersburg and one of the world’s safest cities, Stockholm, were also attacked. But people won’t be deterred from visiting those cities. We must not let extremists have their way. Egypt is a country which caters to all kinds of tourists; there is a wealth of things to see, things that will have you looking in awe.

In the coming posts, I will share everything about my trip with you. This post was intended to let you know where I’d been and to highlight the Egyptian hospitality I experienced.

Stay tuned for more about my Egypt trip!




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