Competition – All Votes Appreciated!

Hello everyone,

Today, I entered a competition. It is run by LATAM Airways and the prize is for a trip to South America! There will be 3 winners and each one will choose three South American countries to visit, and write about and photograph their trip as they go.

As an entrant, I have a participation page which introduces me, gives a sample of my writing and showcases some of my photography.

Every entrant has a participation page. Using these pages, people can vote for entrants. The people in the top ten, according to number of votes, automatically make the shortlist for consideration when selecting the winners. Then, 30 further entrants from outside the top 10 will be selected and added to the ten to make a top 40 shortlist.

Every vote matters! So, I am kindly asking those who read this if they would mind clicking on the link below to my entrant page, and voting for me. It’s super easy and quick to vote, just two clicks or touches away! Just click on the link below to my page, and then like in the corner. Done!

Here is the link to my page:

The competition closes on 19th March 2017. So if you want to enter for yourself, get to creating your participation page!

Any votes you could send my way really would be appreciated, and I am grateful for your time.

Happy travels,





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